Mediation By:Assent Solutions

                 The Key to Suitable Results


Sharon Harris, M.Div.

I am a certified mediator and I currently hold a B.A in Psychology, M.Div, and I am currently pursuing a degree and licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist. My experience and level of scholarship involves counseling, administration, case management, working within the probation unit, and life’s experiences. The skills gleaned from these experiences enables me to effectively assist both parties in an objective manner with the resolution process. Facilitating meetings, managing a caseload of 75 clients, running group sessions, and individual counseling has enhanced my skills to resolve conflict. Working in the healthcare field has exposed me to the limitations of resources that plaque those with disabilities thus being an advocate for those who could not speak. My vast experience enables me to work with challenging personal dynamics to navigate the process in an objective manner.


  THE SOLUTION IS THE KEY THAT CREATES                                        THE BALANCE